PBA Facts

Mission of the PBA 

Some years ago there was a study done by the PBA about the future of the Association. There were two outcomes:
  • That the focus shift from being a denominational entity to a network of churches.
  • That we create a vision statement that reflects this shift. The new vision statement is: A network of churches, equipping churches, for Kingdom Ministry.

What We Offer Churches 

Physical Resources
  • A Fun Trailer for a cost recovery fee
  • A Resource Center available to our churches
  • PAL lodge at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center
Director, Chuck Harrison
  • strategy planning & vision clarity
  • revitalization techniques
  • church planting consulting
  • coaching/mentoring leaders
  • assisting churches and pastors with the search process
Church and Community Ministry Director, Jim Moynihan
  • Connecting churches with their community
  • Leadership Development        Age Group and Special Needs Ministries Director, Mike Haywood
  • Overseeing our Summer Ministry Team
  • Assisting churches with Sports Camps
  • Conducting Senior Adult events
  • Teaching sign-language classes

Ways To Connect

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