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Why I Wrote a Book

By now you probably know that I just published a book entitled “What Happened to Our Church?” I worked on the book off and on for over two years. It really was a challenge. I wrote the book because I kept finding myself in the same conversation with people from our older, more traditional churches. The people in these conversations just can’t understand why they are not getting the results they got in the past when it comes to growing their churches. Some are convinced they just need to keep doing the same things, only better. Others realize they need to move in a new direction, but don’t know what that will look like. One thing which came clear to me in these conversations was that people don’t seem to grasp the depth of the changes our culture has gone through, and the effects those changes have on the church.


So, I spent the early chapters exploring some of these changes. My examples are by no means exhaustive, but rather examples of the types of changes happening. In other chapters I delve into a discussion of just what we mean by “church”, why we do what we do, and what a healthy church looks like. I gave some real world examples of churches that have opted to make changes to be more effective in growing God’s Kingdom. I also offer a process (SWAT Analysis) to help churches choose between a variety of possible future changes.


My prayer is that the book will be helpful to churches within the PBA and beyond as they bravely face a future that looks very different from the past. Currently, I am creating a workbook to go along with the book. This will help groups within churches to study the book together. I can’t promise when that will be complete. However, I would be happy to come and walk through the book with your leadership team.



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