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What is discipleship? What is leadership?

I am finishing my blog series about the Summer Leadership Team by talking about how our eight weeks came to an end and giving some of the feedback I got back from the team.

In the beginning of our eight weeks together we processed through what they thought discipleship was and what they thought leadership was. Then, in the last week, we did the same activity. Seeing the difference between the then and now of how they answered that question was the simplest, yet identifiable, way to understand where they were to where they are now as disciples and leaders. As mentioned before in a previous post, it is the difference of knowing it versus owning it/living it.
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The answers were no longer what they knew, but what they had experienced, learned, and lived out throughout the summer. They were open, wanting, and willing to live a disciple-like lifestyle.

Something else I do at the end of our time together is have them fill out a survey. This survey helps me understand what they experienced, how I can continue to grow/improve the experience for the next group, and to ensure that what I am doing is what God wants me to do/is calling me to do.

Here is some of the feedback I received this year:

  • Question asked- “Do you feel the SLT sessions helped you grow as/become a Christian leader? Why or why not?”
    o Yes. It has given me the confidence to realize what things mean in my life when they happen (i.e. the shapes help me recognize & process through things for my relationship with God & others).
    o Yes because we defined what it meant to be a Christian leader, and all its aspects & then we put it into practice.
    o Yes, I do because when all of this started I didn’t think I was meant to be a leader but now I can’t imagine not being this for the rest of my life and helping others in that way.
  • Question asked- “Do you feel the SLT sessions helped you grow as/become a disciple of Christ? Why or why not?”
    o Yes, it has helped me realize what a disciple is and that I actually am one. I am no longer “scared” of that word or to say that I am a disciple of Christ.
    o Yes, because now disciple isn’t an intimidating word for me. The sessions and shapes gave me the tools truly be a disciple.
    o Absolutely. At the beginning I wasn’t sure but now I won’t hesitate to say I’m a disciple of Christ. The things I’ve learned will stay with me and I’ve grown a lot in my spiritual aspect of being a disciple.
  • Question asked: “How might you apply what you have taken from the SLT sessions to your church, work, school, and/or relationships (family, friends, etc.)?”
    o Definitely teach and disciple others with what I have learned as well as it just effecting who I am as a Christian and using the time and resources God’s given me intentionally.
    o The rhythm to my schedule and also taking what I learned and using it in all environments and using it as evangelism opportunity.
    o Doing the inventories with other people. I also love helping people find their spiritual gifts and helping them apply it to strengthen God’s kingdom.

These are just a couple of examples of the feedback I got after the 8 weeks we spent together. I felt a solid affirmation in Christ of what I am doing through the Summer Leadership Teams, but also a conviction that there needs to be more of this happening in our churches. It’s Biblical, natural, and rewarding in Christ…why shouldn’t we do more of this?

I close my series of blogs out with two things:
1. For you to feel a high invitation and a high challenge from this blog series to live out The Great Commission.
2. A status one of my team members wrote on their Facebook page that closes this series out well…

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