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Summer is coming to an end and the fruit is abundant.


As you may or may not know, part of my role here at the PBA is to put together a Summer Leadership Team (SLT).  This is something I looked forward to when I became official as a full-time staff of the PBA back in January 2013.  My experience in being a part of the summer team in the past was personally something that helped shaped me into the leader that I am today and it is what first got me interested/passionate about PBA-life.  However, this year, being my third year as the leader of the Summer Leadership team, I wasn’t just excited because it’s something personally meaningful to me.  I was excited because I know how important and crucial this process has become for young leaders in our churches.


This was the first year, since I started being the leader of the SLT, that there was more interest than spots available on the team.  I truly believe that that was the case because of the value that an intentional leadership/discipleship focus has for our young leaders and for our churches.  As I interviewed each of them, all from a different church in the association, I recognized most of their hunger for being developed as a disciple, their capacity for leadership, and their want to serve.  I felt elated by the potential that I knew could be capitalized on during the summer.


After a lot of discernment, I hired 2015’s Summer Leadership Team (five who had never been a part of the SLT and one who has been a part of my team each year thus far).  The team ages ranged from 17-25 and they were all from a different church.  It became very clear after the first week, out of eight weeks, that God was going to reveal and unpack some rich and fruitful things for each individual and for the group as a whole.


I am excited to share over the next couple of weeks some of the fruit that occurred during this summer, specific to the SLT.


God is an intentional God, especially when we are obedient to His calling on our lives.



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