Missions and Ministry Team

  •  This team exists to help our network of churches with mission trips (regional, national and international) through providing scholarships for people going on these trips. Priority is given to people experiencing their first mission trip. 
  • The team also helps our network of churches with ministry projects in their local setting. 
  • The team is also responsible for helping our churches discover missions and ministry opportunities and partnerships.

Check this page regularly for stories from our churches and for future opportunities to serve.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact pba@peninsulabaptist.org, or complete the funds request form.

Below are descriptions of mission trips and ministries the PBA Mission and Ministry Team have financially and prayerfully supported. Find out how you can “catch the Kingdom Vision” to be on mission. See what churches, groups, and individuals of the Peninsula Baptist Association are doing and discern what God would have you do for Him in ministry.


Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM),

Christopher Newport University (CNU)

We, the CNU BCM, held a carnival for all the CNU students during their spring finals. God put this event in the hearts of the girls of our little group. Utilizing the PBA fun trailer, we had so many people come up to us and play all day long. We had endless students thanking us.   There were also so much laughter and lots of intentional conversations about BCM! We had SO many tour groups pass us, and often when the tour was over they came over to ask us what we were doing and many of the parents told their children to check out the BCM when they come to CNU in the fall as freshman.

All in all, I think that our goal was accomplished. People know what BCM is all about! Further than that, I think that as a little group we really needed to see that even 8 girls can make waves in the Kingdom of God. I look forward to watching what God does with BCM at CNU.


New York City

Immanuel Baptist Church partnered with First Baptist Church January 31st – February 2nd to minister to the homeless community of New York City. God set aside Super Bowl weekend (the first Super Bowl hosted in NYC since 1962) for this group of servants to minister the needy of New York. Saturday consisted of Worship and the Word in the morning then the group prepared several meals to hand out to the needy and any bystanders in the three locations. After covering roughly 30 blocks in Manhattan the group had a couple hours break then trucked back to Queens to collect the 60+ large bags filled with donated hats, scarves, gloves, pants, jackets, winter coats, blankets and sleeping bags to distribute to the homeless community. The city is always busy and people are everywhere but due to it being Super Bowl weekend, NYC was filled to the brim. Unfortunately the city was trying to put their ”best foot forward” by hiding or moving the homeless community but the LORD prevailed and all items met a new owner. The mission field is ripe for harvesting and the LORD’s will cannot and will not be stopped.

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Jim Parkinson and a team from Crossroads Community Church helped build a Christian school in San Ignacio, Belize through Sparrow’s Gate Missions. This school will provide a free education for the poor neighborhood children who cannot afford private school. The project is not complete and is an opportunity for churches or groups to minister.

Belize 1 Belize 2



Chuck Harrison went to Romania to establish a partnership between the BGVA and the Baptist Association of Romania. The partnership was formalized under the slogan “Together for Others” and will last for five years beginning this fall. There will be a variety of opportunities for churches, individuals, and groups to go on mission trips to work with the Roma people.

Romania 1 Romania 2