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Reason for the Season

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There is a word that is now often used to express the shifts that occur in ministry work, seasons.  For instance, a youth minister may have a really busy hand-on season during the summer, but a slower paced “I am here to help you study, relax, or take a breather” season during the school year.  A pastor, on the other hand, may have a different set of seasons.  They may have a really laid back sabbatical-type of time during the summer months, but then a very fast pace fruitful time in ministry during the holidays.  Well, in my new ministry position, I just transitioned out of a very fast pace, loaded, extremely fruitful season of hand-on ministry.

This season of my ministry was crucial, because it not only allowed me to experience a very extreme shift in seasons, but even more so it allowed me to experience another way of living out my calling.  In this season of sports camp, I was able to be a part of our churches working to reach their community.

This summer, our churches were very serious in adopting and utilizing this ministry as a tool to reach their community.  The people were ready to serve, the church was open to all, and God’s love was being shown to each community.  Being in this season, I was able to walk hand in hand with our churches as they made an impact for the Kingdom, in their own community.  It was a time that I was able to serve and live out exactly what God has laid on my heart to help our churches do, connect with and show the love of God to the community they have been called to serve.  Connections, relationships, and the love of God being vividly shown was the fruit that came from the sports camp ministry this summer.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the Peninsula Baptist Association, the churches, in this new season!  After all, there is a reason for every season.  So, think about it, what’s the reason for the season that you are in?

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