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March 2022 Newsletter

PBA NETWORK NEWS                                                                                       MARCH 2022




On February 16th, we welcomed Rev. Mike Mines to our staff as Administrator. If you have called our office in the past couple of weeks, you may have already spoken to Mike. He comes to us with valuable administrative skills and a love for ministry work. Mike is also a church planter. He planted Flow Church in June 2021. “Flow” stands for “For Love of the Word”. Currently, their church is meeting at the PBA Resource Center on Saturdays at 11:30 AM.

We are so happy to have Mike on staff. He has already begun to contribute in a variety of ways to help our office function efficiently. Please feel free to call on Mike for any needs you may have of the PBA. Come by and meet him on Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM. Since his church meets on Saturdays, he is visiting some PBA churches on Sundays. So don’t be surprised if he shows up to worship at your church in the near future.




Our next PBA Pastor’s Fellowship will be on Wednesday, March 9th at 12 noon. Please contact Chuck if you plan to attend. Lunch will be provided as usual. This is a great opportunity to get to know other pastors in our network and find out what other churches are doing. This will also be an opportunity to meet our new Administrator Mike Mines.

We typically have these gatherings every other month. But, like everything else, we have had to cancel a few of these due to the Pandemic. Hopefully, we will be on track to have them regularly in the coming months.



It is not too early to begin making plans to use the PBA Fun Trailer this year. We have already received one inquiry from a church to use the trailer in April. The trailer contains bounce house types of amusements along with a popcorn machine and a snow cone machine (you only need to supply the ice). Use of the trailer requires a reservation as well as a cost recovery fee which covers replacement of the amusements and the fee for our Fun Trailer Coordinator.



As you probably know, the PBA conducts a “Vision Night” each spring to share among our churches some of the things God is doing. One of the things we will focus on this year is what God is doing in church planting in our area.

We were not able to have a Vision Night in 2020, and last year it was an Online Event. Unless things change between now and then, we are planning to have a live Vision Night on Sunday, April 24th. We will also offer this event Online for those who cannot attend in person. We have not yet set a location for Vision Night but will have that information soon. For now, save the date on your calendar, and we will give you more information as it comes available.



We are still looking for churches interested in having a Senior Adult Revival. We will work with your church to help plan and to suggest speakers and musicians. We would encourage you to begin planning at least six months before having the services. We have assembled a team of people to help plan and present these revivals. If you may be interested, please contact Chuck Harrison or Mike Haywood for more information.



Mike Haywood has been busy planning ministry activities for the coming months.


A couple of churches have already asked the PBA to help them run a sport camp this summer. Therefore, the PBA will have a Summer Mission Team that can help with any church that asks about the possibility. The team will perform other duties during the summer but assisting churches in sport camps will be a primary focus. If you have an interest in discussing this possibility, please contact Mike or the PBA office.



The PBA will run a coed softball league this spring/summer on Saturdays beginning April 23rd. This league will be open and available for anyone 15 years old and up. If there is interest, we can also run a youth league at the same time (ages 12 to 18.)

Deadline to enter is April 4th.



Mike will be leading a Sign Language Class (for beginners and up) at Stevens Memorial Baptist Church starting May 3rd. The class will run on Tuesday nights from 7 pm till 8 pm. Anyone is welcome to attend. There is no charge.


If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Mike Haywood at:


508-7557 cell

723-3162 home

596-4587 PBA




We provide this information to assist churches that are seeking a senior pastor. We can only provide information given to us by churches, so please keep us informed! You may also let us know about other open positions in your church if you would like us to publicize them. Churches without pastors:

Lee Hall Baptist Church                                  Grace Baptist Church

Peninsula Chinese Baptist Church                  Hornsbyville Baptist Church

Providence Baptist Church                                Gloucester Point Baptist Church (as of April 1st)

Orcutt Baptist Church

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