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Living it OUT

I am inspired to write this blog through a recent experience I have been blessed to be a part of.  This experience was…living out what I have been called to do here at the Peninsula Baptist Association with our churches.  I was recently asked to come and speak to a church about connecting the church with their community.  As you all may imagine there was a great sense of nervousness and excitement that came with my committing to do so.  However, I must say that since I have started living out God’s calling for my life, here at the PBA, I have felt the most unspeakable amount of comfort and affirmation through this experience.

In this experience, the points that were being made, the discussion that was had, and the words that were said were not originated through me, but rather given through Christ.  It began through prayer with Him, in preparation.  And, it ended in prayer to Him.  Therefore, as God calls us to do things, whether it is a specific ministry or in living out the Christian life, it is important to maintain the faith in Him.

As I am continuing to learn how to live out my calling of being in ministry with our churches, I am learning how applicable my experiences are to the experiences of a Christian.  God commands us to live OUT our life and purpose through Him.  We are to be exclaiming the gospel, bringing the Kingdom here on Earth, and fulfilling the Great Commission.  As Christians, we may feel at times nervous, excited, stressed, unable, etc.  However, we can find the comfort and affirmation through our faith in Christ.  Living out our calling and purpose is what we are commanded to do as Christians.  However, Christ does not leave you alone, but rather provides and strengthens you to live it out.  Therefore, if we have the backing of Christ and our faith is as strong as we make it out to be, why aren’t all of us Christians and as the church body living it OUT?  Let us not forget our faith, calling, and God in our Christianity.  Affirmation, comfort, and strength come through having faith in Him and in living out our purpose in Christ.

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