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This is the fourth in a series of posts about focusing on the Kingdom of God rather than just on the local church.

When we focus on our church we pass on to the next generation a set of rules and structures. When we focus on the Kingdom we pass on to the next generation a living movement full of possibilities.

I am in churches all of the time where the aging leadership have a strangle hold on how they will allow church to be expressed in their setting. And, they wonder why there are no young people in their church.

Some of these folks would rather see their church die than to change a few by-laws. By-laws should not shape the church – God’s Kingdom should shape the church! The Kingdom is always on the move. It is spreading throughout the world. You’ve probably heard the saying from Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby: “Find out where God is at work and join him.” This is more like an adventure. Let’s pass on an adventure to the next generation, not a set of rules and outdated structures.

If the way you do church isn’t actually advancing the Kingdom of God – stop doing it! Sacred cows make gourmet burgers! Some of our churches need a cook out!



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