Get Equipped Event

Get Equipped Event

February 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
West Hampton Baptist Church
631 Aberdeen Rd
Hampton, VA 23661
Melanie Lassiter

Get Equipped Event

February 21st, 2017

West Hampton Baptist Church

631 Aberdeen Rd, Hampton, VA 23661

6 PM-8:30 PM

As your staff, we listen and care about what you have expressed as ways we can help equip your church to grow the Kingdom on the Peninsula.  Therefore, we wanted to create space for what you have asked for.  All are invited, we just ask that you RSVP by calling the office 757-596-4587, by e-mailing Melanie at,, or through the Facebook event.


5:45-6:00 Arrive/Sign-in

6:00-6:10 Welcome

6:15-7:15 First Breakout Session

7:15-7:30 Break (there will be light refreshments)

7:30-8:30 Second Breakout Session

8:30 Close


Breakout Sessions for get equipped Event:


Energizing your Sunday School and Small Group MinistryDavid Burt, Lifeway

A look at some aids and keys to growing your Sunday School and small group ministry.


The Church as a Financial and Legal EntityJeff Cranford, BGAV

This session will focus on the major responsibilities of churches related to their financial and     legal existence, including taxes, handling of money, employment law, and risk management.


Effective Church Structure How to get more volunteers, better participation, and  real growth”- Chuck Harrison, PBA

In this workshop, you will learn how to increase the number of people actually serving in your church. I always hear that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Come learn how to change  those percentages. You will also learn how to get a deeper commitment from new people,    which will translate into solid growth within your congregation. We will not only talk about    what to start doing, but just as importantly, what to stop doing if you want to see real results.


“Effective Communications”- Ishmael LaBiosa, SBCV

Strengthen communication within your church body and outside your church walls with quick     and easy video and photo productions, scheduling and creating mass emails, engaging followers through social media posts, and developing a mailing strategy. Ishmael LaBiosa, Director of     Communications with the SBC of Virginia, will share insight to these elements while keeping  budgets in mind to better share your church message.


Being a Network of Churches”- Melanie Lassiter, PBA

An interactive time to find out what’s in this network of churches and to learn how we can        work better together than apart for kingdom movement to take place.


“Economic Revolution: Shifting the Inner Place from which We Operate”- Byron McMillian , Jobs For Life

Efforts to change our communities continue to create results that nobody wants, especially in   the realm of economic reality. Transforming this reality begins with the internal condition of      the one seeking to bring about change. We take a look at the life of Jesus as our model for    bringing about new economic realities based on God’s economy.


“Portrait of You: A Ministry AssistantMarilee White, BGAV

As a Ministry Assistant, we bring unique gifts to the church. Let’s look at our calling and see     how that is part of our everyday tasks.


Intentionally Using Technology for Marketing”- Nathan White, BGAV

Updating and maintaining your church’s website and social media accounts doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming! For instance, many church marketing tasks can be done with    a smartphone or tablet. Come learn how your church can take intentional steps to effectively   utilize technology to reach those in your community. ​


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