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Eight Weeks in the Making

After my Summer Leadership Team was hired, we quickly begun our eight weeks together.  These eight weeks were fast pace, intense, and content heavy, but so rich and fruitful.  We concentrated on what it means to be a leader and what it means to be a disciple.  The team was able to grow from understanding what those concepts mean to owning what it means.

It is always so incredible and encouraging to see this process.  These young adults were so hungry for the intimacy and life that can come from intentional discipleship and leadership training.  Each week they were so willing, wanting, and yearning to glean from what God had led me to prepare for them.  They figured out what their spiritual gifts are, they learned a language of discipleship, they developed an understanding of their relational styles, and so much more.

IMG_1145 (2)

However, the overall importance was the fact that these six young adults discovered their true identity in Christ as a leader/disciple.  I know through watching, experiencing, and walking with them during the eight week period that they left the eight weeks equipped for their next season in life.

People of the church are hungry for this and more than that they need it.  This is what I experienced with a group of six young adults from our churches.  Imagine if there was more discipleship building and leadership training occurring.  How would that have impact for the Kingdom?  What would church look like then?

It was 8 weeks of 7 people indulging in what God calls us to do and what Jesus showed us how to do, to make disciples of all nations and to be servant leaders as a part of the body of Christ.

Next week…I will end my series of blogs by sharing about some of the actual feedback I received from the SLT as our time came to an end.


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