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The Circle of Life

If you grew up with the love for Disney movies, as I did, then when you hear the phrase “circle of life”  you probably think of the beginning scene of Lion King. If you’re not a big classic Disney movie fan, then, first off, we need to have a serious talk and, secondly, I’m sure you have heard of the phrase “circle of life” and/or “web of life” before in school.  Regardless, at the recent Connecting with Community Conference (CCC), I couldn’t help but think about these concepts.
We had 12 organizations, within the community, at the conference.  The presenters spent five minutes each sharing how churches can engage in what they’re doing with/for the community.  These organizations are engaging in the community as we, Christians and church body, are supposed to be doing.  Each organization expressed their want and gave an open invitation for churches to be a part of their “circle of life” in the community.
Unfortunately, when I think about the “circle of life” or the “web of life” of our churches, I picture a web intertwined within all things “church” (inside the walls of that church building) related and a circle disconnected to the “non-Christian” circle. However, we found through the conversation of this conference that there is a need for the church to create, and complete, the overall “circle of life”.  We are not to be within a web and a circle of ourselves, feeding and growing internally, but rather we should be the link holding the web together and providing the foundational piece of the circle. 
To take it one step further and to relate it biblically, in Mark 4, it is all about us being the seed planters for God.  The seed being the gospel, the foundation, and us as the church planting those seeds.  If you look at an image, every circle of life and every web of life begins with a source such as the sun,seed, and plant.  Which in our case, as Christians and the church, would be the Son and the seed (the gospel).  Then, from that source comes all kinds of life.  Which, in our case, would be eternal life for all who come in contact with the seed. This is what our engagement and interaction with the community should look like.  It’s the circle of life and the web of life, in Christ.
Stay posted for my next blog, deriving from the CCC.
Rafiki out.


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