Preaching the Word

Exodus 3, Part 1 – Meeting God

First impressions are important. Whether or not we’re purposely trying to impress the people we meet, we know that a first encounter can set the tone for a relationship. When people are an important part of our lives, we usually remember the first time we met them – what they said, what they didn’t say, how they made us feel. This means, of course, that when we are going to meet people for the first time, we do what we can to make the right impression. Exodus 3–4 is about a first meeting, not just between God and Moses, but between God and Israel, since Moses becomes the go-between for God and the Israelites. As we look at this chapter, we should think about how this first meeting affects the ongoing relationship between God and God’s people – not just the Israelites, but us, the people of God today.